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Product Center_Passenger car

Durable, the rich partner of the taxi

Four wide straight groove symmetrical

pattern design, the main ditch volume is

increased, the drainage function is enhanced, the comfort is improved.……

All-weather full-road off-road tires

Special 3D "U" groove design prevents

partial wear and enhances driving stability……

The combination of force and beauty

The center linear ribs are reasonably matched to improve the stability and handling of the

tires in straight-line driving……

Comfortable and quiet, enjoy the comfort

Four circumferential main grooves are

designed to ensure grounding integration

during braking, reduce tire deformation,

improve drainage performance.……

Comfortable, smart driving

Four main grooves and lateral rills to enhance wetland handling and snow traction……

Multifunctional commercial tire

Optimized groove depth for longer use and mileage, longer lasting wear……

Electric car travel companion

3 central rib symmetry pattern design, the

main ditch volume is increased, the drainage

efficiency is improved, and the wetland is


showing comfort, smart driving

3 wide main groove symmetrical pattern

design, anti-grass and enhanced wetland

drainage performance……

No fear of ice and snow, let me accompany

Specially detailed 3D steel sheet design to

increase the adhesion of wheels and ice and

snow, and enhance the grip of ice and


No fear of ice and snow, let me accompany

Zigzag 3D steel sheet design increases the

adhesion of the wheel to the snow and ice,

enhancing the grip of the snow and ice……