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The State Council clearly will increase the consumption tax rate of large-displacement vehicles

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Oil-saving work and the implementation of national energy-saving actions, review and approval of the "Public Institutions Energy Conservation Regulations (Draft)" and "Civil Building Energy Conservati

  Oil-saving work and the implementation of national energy-saving actions, review and approval of the "Public Institutions Energy Conservation Regulations (Draft)" and "Civil Building Energy Conservation Regulations (Draft)".

  The meeting pointed out that energy supply tension has become an important factor restricting economic and social development. To solve China's energy problems, we must adhere to the principle of saving and developing simultaneously, saving priority, and putting fuel-saving and power-saving work in a more prominent position.

  The meeting stressed that it is necessary to highlight key points and seize key areas such as automobiles, boilers, motor systems, air conditioners, and lighting, which have wide applications, great potential, and quick results, and adopt comprehensive supporting measures to form an effective incentive mechanism to greatly improve energy efficiency. .

  First, we must do a good job in car fuel economy. Strictly implement the vehicle elimination system, implement preferential consumption tax policies for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles, increase the consumption tax rate of large-displacement vehicles, and vigorously develop public transportation.

  Second, we must do a good job of boiler fuel economy. Turn off the shutdown of the fuel generator set as the focus of shutting down small thermal power, and increase support for conservation and alternative oil projects.

  Third, we must pay attention to the motor system to save electricity. Formulate a catalogue and elimination plan for inefficient backward motor and drag equipment to speed up the phase-out. Encourage the use of energy-saving special equipment to implement energy-saving renovation.

  Fourth, we must grasp the air conditioning. Implement fiscal and taxation policies that encourage consumers to purchase energy efficient air conditioners.

  Fifth, we must do a good job of lighting and electricity saving. Intensify the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products. All government agencies, urban road lighting, hotels, public places, etc. in large and medium-sized cities will eliminate inefficient lighting products this year and next.

  Six must do a good job of office energy. The meeting requested that we focus on the energy conservation work of key oil-using units, strengthen the management of power demand, implement the price policy of saving fuel and electricity, investigate and deal with all kinds of waste of oil and electricity, and ensure the implementation of various energy-saving measures. .

  The Regulations on Energy Conservation of Public Institutions (Draft) clarifies the responsibility of public institutions and their responsible persons in energy conservation work, and stipulates that public institutions should establish and improve energy conservation management rules and regulations, improve energy management, promptly discover and correct energy waste, and accept Social supervision.

  The revised Civil Energy Building Regulations (Draft) further clarified the scope of application of energy efficiency standards for civil buildings and stipulated corresponding legal responsibilities.